Thursday 19 November 2020

Moana’s Burial Still Set To Take Place Today Despite The Family Feud


Fitness bunny/Socialite Mitchelle Amuli affectionately known as Moana is set to be buried today despite all the family drama that rocked her funeral wake yesterday.

The Amuli family robbed Moana of a decent send-off yesterday as they clashed over the manner in which the late video vixen should be buried. Her father wanted her daughter Moana to have a Muslim burial, while the mother`s side wanted to lay her to rest following Christian conventions.

A church service that was scheduled for yesterday afternoon and funeral wake had to be canceled as her father Mr. Ishamel Amuli stood his ground.

However, after a day of disagreements and compromises, Moana’s family finally managed to iron out their difference.

The burial which had been slated for Zororo Memorial Park, today, is expected to happen without any incident.

Socialite Moana will be buried today with a church service set for Doves Funeral Services in the Central Business District at 11 am.

Moana had just celebrated her 26th birthday when the Roll Royce Wraith that was being driven by Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure crashed and burst into flames along the Borrowdale Road in the capital a fortnight ago.

Moana died in the horrific accident that also claimed the lives of socialite Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure, Malawian businessman Limumba Karim and Mozambican model Alicha Adams.

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