Thursday, 12 November 2020

Murehwa Ritual Killing Latest: 11-Year-Old Boy Implicated In The Ritual Murder

 In a rather shocking development, an 11-year-old boy from Nyamutumbu Village has been implicated in the Murehwa ritual killing after it emerged that he was paid $5 to lure the now deceased Tapiwa Makore (Jnr) from the garden to his uncle’s homestead.

iHarare has established from a local publication The Herald that Tapiwa Makore (Snr) allegedly gave the boy $5 plus a T-shirt as a reward for luring the late Tapiwa from the garden.

He also went on to warn him against disclosing the matter to other villagers. However, the boy whose name was not supplied to protect his identity went on and revealed to his mother what Makore (Snr) and Shamba had tasked him to do.

The mother also allegedly instructed him not to disclose the matter to anyone and went on to use the $5 that he had been given to buy chicken. 

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the latest developments and said investigations were still underway.

In another development, two women, Joina Tangirire and a relative, Enia Tangirire, were picked up by the police after it emerged that they had allegedly bought meat from Tafadzwa Shamba, Makore’s herdsman, who was involved in the murder.

The meat that they bought from the accused is suspected to have been human flesh. The human flesh is suspected to have been part of the murdered boy’s thigh.

Meanwhile, the uncle Makore (Snr)  together with his herdsman Tafadzwa Shamba are currently in remand prison pending the murder trial.

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