Thursday, 5 November 2020

Presidential spiritual adviser, Paula White, says while praying that angels are currently being released from Africa to .......

 The US Presidential Election process is still ongoing, even after over 24 hours of counting votes, with aspirant, Joe Biden currently in the lead.

In dire plea for a miracle, presidential spiritual advisor, Paula White, led an impassioned prayer service in an effort to secure Trump’s reelection.

In the now-viral video, White is heard saying, “I hear a sound of victory. The Lord says it is done. For I hear, victory, victory, victory!”

She added that, “Angels are being dispatched right now.

“Angels have been dispatched from Africa right now. They’re coming here, in the name of Jesus.” 

Hilarious reactions have since trailed the video. Reacting, former CNN anchor Ishay Sesay wrote,

“Hang on a minute… so she wants angels from AFRICA to help Donald Trump stay in the White House?? I thought he wanted us to stay in our ‘huts’ and ‘shit hole countries’. This my friends, is the definition of ‘trifling’…”

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