Saturday, 14 November 2020

Why I proposed again to my wife of 45 years – Charly Boy


Popular entertainer, Charly Boy aka Area Fada has revealed why he proposed for the fourth time to his wife of 45 years. 

Charly Boy was a major trend during the week when a picture surfaced showing him bending a knee before his wife at a shopping mall.

Giving a reason for his action, Charly Boy said:

“I have realized dat we have become a Role Model Couple for the Institution of marriage.

“I understand why millions of people were so joyous and fascinated by those imageries.


“As an entertainer, I made a public show of it to tell and show people that longevity in marriages is possible if couples imbibe the right values..

“It was my way of inspiring couples that there are still good and meaningful relationships. Relationships is not just about who has money or who is bringing money. It’s about genuine friendship because marriage is a difficult institution and if you find a partner that is more or less your friend and there is mutual respect, these are the qualities that can endure longevity in a marriage,” he concluded.

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