Thursday, 12 November 2020

Zimbabweans Declare War On Rolls Royce Following Death Of Socialite Ginimbi In Car Crash

 Following the death of socialite Genius Kadungure in a horror crash on Sunday, Zimbabweans have started an online protest on the official Rolls Royce Facebook Page. At the time of publication, the Rolls Royce Page had been bombarded by over 10 000 comments from angry Zimbabweans demanding the auto-maker to take the death of their ‘biggest’ customer Kadungure in one of their vehicles seriously.

Ginimbi as he was affectionately known, died after his Rolls Royce Wraith collided with a Honda Fit before hitting a tree and bursting into flames. The passengers in the vehicle namely Malawian Limumba Karim, fitness bunny Mitchelle “Moana” Amuli, and popular Mozambican model Alichia Adams died in the inferno and were burnt beyond recognition.

 Ginimbi was fortunate to be pulled out alive but later succumbed to internal bleeding.

Despite boasting of premium safety features which include Stability Control, Front Collision Warning and Advanced Emergency Braking, The RR Wraith Kadungure was driving failed to initialise all these protocols and left many questioning the $500k price tag. The Honda Fit involved in the crash costs way less and upon impact did not burst into flames and the occupants survived and have since been discharged.

Some Zimbabweans were even suggesting  Ginimbi’s vehicle was fake and may have been a knock-off Chinese imitation. Ginimbi was on record boasting that he was one of Rolls Royce’ biggest customers and would get invites from The Company’s South Africa dealership each time a new vehicle was released.

This is the Honda Fit that collided With Ginimbi’s Rolls Royce Wraith putting the safety of the premium Carmaker’s vehicles to question.

Check out Some of the Comments Zimbabweans have been posting on The RR page.

Rolls and Rice we are not happy with your cars. We need compensation as Zimbabweans for what happened to Ginimbi our bread winner.

We need a refund as Zimbabwe. No safety features at all. Doors jammed 3 people ended up burning inside. If it was an American who burnt inside you would have started some investigations. 5 million colliding with a 3k car and the 3 k car has some dents and yours burnt beyond recognition.

Our very own mbinga died after your RR collided with a Honda fit the RR burnt to ashes passengers also burnt beyond recognition and as Zimbabweans we feel like these RR cars of yours are overrated Ginimbi was defrauded our beautiful sisters perished

Rolls Royce Under Fire Following Ginimbi Death in Horror Crash
Rolls Royce Under Fire Following Ginimbi Death in Horror Crash

Rolls Royce Under Fire Following Ginimbi Death in Horror CrashGinimbi Death Rolls Royce

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