Saturday, 26 December 2020

26 people die in Uganda boat accident


At least 26 bodies have been retrieved from a boat accident at Lake Albert shared by Uganda and the neighbouring Democratic Republic of the Congo on Tuesday.

Capt. Favourite Rugumayo, Uganda’s Military Marine Brigade spokesperson, confirmed this late Friday.

Rugumayo told Xinhua by telephone that five more bodies were retrieved on Friday, bringing the total number to 26.

“About eight people are still missing, but today (Friday), we managed to retrieve five more bodies.

“About three people are still missing,’’ said Rugumayo. 

“A total of 21 people were rescued alive and as for now the chances of rescuing people alive are growing slim,’’ he added.

The boat, carrying more than 50 passengers and goods, was travelling from Songalendu landing site in the western Ugandan district of Buliisa to Panyimur market in the northwest district of Pakwach district.

“The likely cause of the accident was mechanical.

“According to survivors, they said there was an engine failure coupled with rough weather,’’ said Rugumayo.

“The joint team of UPDF (Uganda People’s Defence Forces) and Police marines will continue with the search for missing bodies.’’

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