Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Doctor Said I Have A Very Low Sperm Count 2 Months After My Wife Gave Birth


I was married 2018 and I stayed in abuja while my wife stay in ogun state due to job, so in August 2019 she got pregnant and in March 2020 surgery was done in order to bring out the baby due to her increase bp cos we could not wait for her to give birth in May as a result of increase blood pressure.

The surgery was successful and d baby was put in incubator but after 5 days d baby died.

So in June I went to doctor for check up and tests were carried out i.e semen analysis, testosterone analysis, urinalysis and uric msc. It was confirmed I was having a very low sperm count of just 2.8 million sperm count instead of anything from 15-20 million that can fertilize an egg to b able to get pregnant.

I don't understand why a man will be treated for infertility just 2 months after his wife gave birth.

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