Monday, 7 December 2020

Enisa Adopts Eniola As Her Nigerian Name After Falling In Love With Nigeria


American singer Enisa has been given the name Eniola after falling in love with Nigeria, Igbere TV reports.

The 24-year-old expressed her love for Nigeria after her song ‘Love Cycle’ was streamed by Nigerians the most in a tweet.

“This is all you guys Love you & Nigerians you have all my respect,” she wrote on December 3.

On December 4 she described Nigerians as the most loyal people she had ever met also sharing two pictures on Twitter.

The first picture showed where a Nigerian Twitter user commended her for lending her voice to the #EndSARS campaign while the other picture showed the statistics of her song.

“Nigerians Handshake Keeping their word Flag of Nigeria (The most loyal type of people I ever seen lol),” she said.

She asked for a Nigerian name after a Twitter user said he was suspecting she is Nigerian.

“So what’s gonna be my new Nigerian name? Enitan or Eniola,” she wrote.

After a Twitter poll was conducted, the name Eniola won.

On December 5 she announced that she was Eniola for her people in a tweet.

“The people have spoken, so here I am as Eniola for my people,” she wrote.

Enisa also asked her followers who they’d love her to remix her song with.

A Twitter user known as @ArtistHBTL tagged singer Davido and he replied saying they can work together.

Born Enisa Nikaj, Enisa was born in Brooklyn, America.

Her songs include ‘Burn This Bridge’, ‘Glory Days’, ‘Freedom’ and ‘Reunite’.

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