Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Girls Are Quick To Lose Feelings When A Guy Makes These 4 Mistakes


Girls Are Quick To Lose Feelings When A Guy Makes These 4 Mistakes

Girls are very observant, there are certain things that put them off or on when they chat with a guy online. Girls are like locks waiting for someone with the right key to open them up.

Below are 4 mistakes guys make when chatting with a girl online,

1. When guys confess their feelings over text too quickly
I understand that when a guy has feelings for a girl, it literally hurts so much they want to tell her how they feel really quick so they just confess their feelings over text and expect her to agree to be his girlfriend immediately. No, this is a mistake you shouldn’t do. Rather you should watch how things play out between you and her and if you notice that she might be having feelings for you then you can ask her how she feels about you.

2. Sending “nice guy” text 

By nice guy texts, I mean the overly repetitive ones where you check up on here every now and then. For instance, you keep sending her texts like “have you eaten?” “How was your night?” “What did you eat?”, etc. These kind of texts are boring and would make you appear needy.

3. Being too available
When you are always in her inbox, you are already giving away too much. It would make her get tired of you quickly and you have already eliminated any form of mystery you had and the chances of her missing you. Girls love guys who are mysterious, who are like puzzles they want to figure out. I’m not saying you shouldn’t check up on her, do so but still give room for mystery.

4. Giving up too soon
Most girls like playing hard to get not because they don’t like you but because they love the chase and attention you give to them. Most guys simply give up because they weren’t patient enough to get her to open up to him.