Wednesday, 9 December 2020

I Need Advise On What To Do About A Controversial Girlfriend

 This girl is a very beautiful lady which i know would have lots of suitors on her head. I never even intended dating her until she converted our friendship to relationship.

When we started, i noticed her incessant calls and had to complain about them which got reduced with time. In most cases, i would bring up issues pertaining to her having an affair with some of those people which she would discard and even get angry enough as to quarrel with me.
So, because of the texts and calls she was getting i became suspicious and one evening when i read a text from a guy addressing her as "baby and luv" i finally vented my anger, she strolled out that evening while i waited at home, later on, i took her phone, old phone which she barely uses, i turned it on and went through her Whatsapp messages, it was then that i discovered she has had an affair with a boss she was working for and even got messed up without her salary being paid for that month.

Not just that, other guys too have had their pounds of flesh. I was messed up that evening because this lady would insist we have sex without condom. So messed up that when she came, for the first time in my life, i layed my hands on a woman and slapped her so bad, I even beat her till she was unconcious and when she finally gained conciousness, she started begging and explaining, she even pretended like she wants to drink hypo bleech due to heart break.

To cut the long story short, i got other texts too from guys in her phone, one in particular sent her "are we still seeing today ?" Which she told me she never made any arrangement with the guy.
Well, i have invested much on this girl and i don't want to let her go like that, she had turned me to a brutal guy. I don't know what to do, i don't want to break up with her because she would just shift to another guy the next day, so I need advise on the best medicine for this kind of lady.

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