Friday 4 December 2020

Lies About Sex During NYSC Camp & After Camp


It is true that NYSC time is a time of freedom and a time of fun, but there are some exaggerations to this...

If I am lying, let any Corp member oppose my statement. NYSC is made to look like people get sex littered all over the place, and to make it look like Various married women sleep around there. I can tell you one truth. This is a hyped statement. You do not get sex anyhow from NYSC ladies, neither is there reckless sex in the camp...

All these statements of reckless sex in CAMP or after CAMP is not totally true, as some corpers know I am saying the truth. If I am telling a lie, ask many NYSC guys if they got sex freely from NYSC girls.

Many NYSC ladies are not cheap, so do not think you will see free sex anyhow in CAMP or after CAMP. 
Where I served, we had corper ladies that no corper guy ever touched... 

Please shun these hyp to prevent being disappointed in NYSC. Go and serve Nigeria well. 

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