Monday 7 December 2020

Man Gets His PhD At 65 To Fulfill Promise He Made To His Daughter (Photos)

 A medical doctor has gone on Twitter to praise her father after he got his PhD to fulfill a promise he made to her, IgbereTV reports.

Dr Maria Uloko, who became a medical doctor at 23, said her father promised her then that he will go back to school and earn his doctorate so that she wouldn't be the only ''doctor'' in the family.

He kept his words and earned his PHD in December. At his oral defence, he said he went back to school to fulfill his promise to his daughter.

Dr. Maria wrote on her Twitter handle:

"My dad has spent the last 4 years getting his PhD while working two full time jobs. He did it because he didn’t want me to be the only Doctor in the family. At the age of 65, world, meet Dr. Emmanuel Uloko my father, my biggest cheerleader and who I compare every man to." 

"Wow, you all thank you so much for the kind words on my father. He’s floored and overwhelmed by the support. Never in his wildest dreams would he think he’d get such a response! If you loved this story, check out my podcast @BattleCryPod for more stories of diversity in STEM!" 

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