Saturday 26 December 2020

“Marriage adds honor to a lady and makes her more accomplished” – Pastor Uzo-Peters.


A Nigerian Pastor Ebele Uzo-Peters, has revealed how marriage adds honour to a lady and makes one a better person.

According to him, he said in a post via his Facebook page that marriage adds honour to a lady and makes her more accomplished.

He also noted that that this is not only applicable to women, but also applies to men, because when a man gets married his life changes.

The Pastor Ebele added that because there are bitter and broken homes, does not change the blessing and honour of marriage.

He also said that a married person is not better than a single person and that a single person becoming accomplished when they marry does not mean that he or she becomes more fulfilled than other single people, rather it means they have become more fulfilled than they were while they were single. 

Read his post below.

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