Monday 14 December 2020

My Ex-Girlfriend Keeps Disturbing My Relationship


Good evening Nairaland Family. I want to go straight to the point as I am dying inside. For purpose of clarity I will address my ex as Lady A and my current girl as Lady B

Lady A

I have been paying her school fees since 2018 which amounted to more than 200K. I sent her mom 100k when she was stranded in Abuja. Amongst phones, laptops, bags, clothes I have bought for my ex. My ex I know has been sleeping with numerous men around Lagos. In fact this year alone, she slept with 18 guys of which I have 7 of the guys contacts. She does party in hotels around mushin and it’s environs. Her mother is married to the 3rd husband with different children.

My ex gf whom I did her introduction in November left me after I discovered she slept with my cousin two days after the introduction. They exchanged contacts at the introduction and were hooking up behind my back. He sent her money to meet him in a hotel and the rest was history. The mother fought me at the introduction because she thought I shoved her brother in law and really fought me like a thug. Please note that they all grow in Mushin. My ex has a past of which she went with a school friend Of hers to a guy place, left the friend there and the poor girl was raped by 3 of them. And it was learnt she arranged it. Please note I didn’t know all of this she hid it from me but her infidelity is what I know and I thought I could cope till she slept with my cousin and took my 600k at home and some of my valuables

Lady B.

Now I have moved on and am dating her friend whom I find so so cool and she is a independent lady and she also schools. I am totally in love with Lady B. My ex found out and started spreading lies on the poor girl Through their school group chat that she snatched her financee And a whole lot of trash. Lady B is strong but I don’t know for how long.

This is where I need you all advice. I was told to involve the police as my ex is a cultist and smokes. This are things I don’t even know throughout the two years we dated. I don’t want anything to happen to my new girl. I really love her and it hurts me to see that a good girl is slipping from Me. Lady B is everything I want. My family approves of her. My mum who didn’t speak to me in couple of years reached out since I started dating Lady B. I have been so so happy anytime I think of her.

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