Sunday, 20 December 2020

Nigerian doctor kills wife, attempts to strangle his two sons before committing suicide in Texas


A Nigerian doctor  has reportedly killed wife and committed suicide after attempting to strangle their son.

The husband and wife named Benjamin Okigbo and Theresa Okigbo were found dead at their Greatwood home on Friday morning, December 18.

According to reports, the incident happened at around 10:05 am at the Greatwood Subdivision in the 1500 block of Brookstone Lane. The Police said that their investigation revealed that Benjamin Okigbo strangled Theresa Okigbo to death.

He also attempted to kill both of his 21-year-old sons by strangling them after he killed his wife and latter killed himself by hanging.

Fortunately both the sons survived the attack with injuries that are not life-threatening. They are both receiving treatment at a hospital.

The couple’s daughter went to their home after he was concerned and doesn’t stay with her parents. She then called 911 and told the dispatchers that her parents were dead. 

“One of the kids dialed 911 apparently there was a fight or disturbance going on inside the residence,” Police chief Eric Robbins said.

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