Monday 14 December 2020

Relationships are Overrated


Men don't really need women, infact we are actually doing them a huge favor by marrying them.

Imagine a bachelor doing well financially:has a nice house, decent job, drama free life,can cook etc.

Then all of a sudden he decides to take on a woman who he thinks will add value into life.

Which kine value?

The relationship between a man and woman in modern times is never symbiotic ---its parasitic in nature.

One benefits(the woman) at the expense of the man.

As sides sex--which can be gotten with money, I don't see an atom of value all these girls add to a mans life. All they do is make Stupid monetary demands,lie,nag and Give someone Headache. Like how can you expect your boyfriend to Be the one Paying for your Toiletries,pants,Hair,Fake nails,house rent etc

Infact, they actually make an otherwise decent and peaceful life worse!

Now Take Away the Sex(which includes child bearing) and ask yourself what your Girlfriend Or actually Adds to your life? I'll rather just have a baby mama who will birth my kids,but won't be Legally entitled to my Properties.

A lot of men Are suffering in the Americas and Europe because of Divorce courts,Child support and Restraining orders. But I still wonder why Those Simp leaders Gave out laws that Favours only women at the Expense of men,yet some Men knowing full well the dangers they face in marriage,still gets married all in the name of "Not all women are like that" And " Being a real man "who Will sarcrifice his sanity,Assets,freedom and Life for A woman

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