Saturday 26 December 2020

Residents overpower robber in Ogun, beat him to death


Some residents of Abule-Ijoko, in the Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun State have reportedly overpowered a robber, beating him to death in the process.

A report by The Punch has it that the deceased was a member of a 5-man robbery gang who had been terrorising the residents of the community.

It was gathered that one of the victims mustered the courage and confronted the robbers when they wanted to cart away his clothes after collecting his phone.

Other victims were said to have joined in the resistance, leading to commotion which awoke other neighbours.

The robbers fled the scene with the loot but one of them was not lucky as he was held and beaten to death. 

The case was said to have been reported at the Agbado Police Station and a team led by the Divisional Police Officer, SP Yero Kuranga, went to the scene to recover the corpse.

One of the victims, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the incident occurred around 11.30pm when one of his roommates went out to put off the generator.

He said, “We are four living in the room. The generator was on while we went to bed. The power was restored around 11.30pm and one of my roommates went out to put it off. He didn’t know that the robbers were already inside the compound.

“There are three doors to our apartment. He closed the one next to the room while he was going out and kept the two others open. As he wanted to put off the generator, they attacked him with cutlasses and injured him. They asked him to lead them to the room.

“One of the robbers hit me on the head with the butt of his gun. They collected our phones and laptops and went to the next room. They collected phones from the two residents there. They wanted to start packing clothes when one of the occupants confronted them. That gave us confidence and we also supported him to attack the robbers. They fled immediately but we were able to hold down one of them.”

The victim denied that they killed the robber, claiming that he vomited blood and died after revealing two names of his gang members.

He added, “The robber told us that it was some people around the community who gave them information about us. They injured four of us. One of my roommates was shot. They were five and only one of them carried a gun.”

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