Monday 14 December 2020

Should I Invest In Nigeria Or Wait Until I Get A Permanent Stay In Abroad?


Goodmorning Ladies and Gentlemen.

I am Basalt by name and I came to Germany last year(2019) October for my MSc studies with a little amount of Money and a partially borrowed block account from my inlaw (his money and my money).
On arrival in Germany, I took only a few courses and got a job outside my city and also got a mini-job. I did all my monthly expenses from my Mini job and used my main job to completely pay back my debt within a few months of arrival.

Now, that's not the discussion at hand.
I need advice especially from people who have lived abroad or have many years of experience in life.
My visa still counts till 2022 and I can even extend it if I don't finish my studies by then. 

According to German policy, once you graduate from the University, you will be given 18 months to get a professional job or return back to your country.
Returning back to Nigeria is totally out of my plan at least for now because I came from a very poor family without any job connection and I am really enjoying Europe.
I plan to buy land or start building a house (I saved millions of naira and will even save more as time goes) but my friend who is also a student here discouraged me against that saying that my root is not yet fixed abroad that I should wait and continue investing in myself and undergoing professional training until I get permanent residency before investing. That I should always keep saving because it is not certain that I will get a professional job after graduation since my course is not in Information Technology which is currently booming in Germany. That even if I don't get a job, I can use the money to migrate to Canada or any other country of my choice.
He asked What if you invest the money now and don't get a job after graduation, what will you do after the 18 months of post graduation visa since you don't have any backup from home who will help you out financially.

What do you guys think. I need opinions

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