Saturday 19 December 2020

Why Bald Men Are Great In Bed

 In many cases, bald men have been found most attractive to a significant number of women. But reasons behind this attractiveness are usually shrouded with myths.

One myth we want to debunk is how about the connection between baldness, sexual virility and testosterone.

There seems to be something special about bald men, especially in the bedroom, women testify.

But how is that so?

Many publications have claimed that bald men are better in bed as compared to men who are not.

By bald, we mean men who are naturally losing hair.

Widespread media claims have amplified that this theory is not just a myth, but a valid scientific claim that is backed with some evidence.

BBC studies that looked into these claims explain that testosterone, a sex hormone found in both male and female is responsible for this whole claim.

Firstly, it should be noted that testosterone is not responsible for baldness. 

This hormone is responsible for maintaining all men characteristics that are associated with masculinity, including higher sex drive.

Higher levels of testosterone simply mean a higher libido.

Now the link between testosterone and baldness comes from the conversion of testosterone by natural human enzymes to another hormone called dihydrotestosterone.

This is the hormone that causes baldness, scientists claim. This form of testosterone reduced hair follicle on a man’s head over time resulting in complete baldness.

Higher levels of testosterone usually give more chances of the hormone to be converted to loads of dihydrotestosterone, some studies claim.

In essence, higher levels of testosterone in men increases their urge for sex. The same testosterone, if converted, results in dihydrotestosterone which causes men to be bald.

That is why most bald men are great in bed.

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