Thursday 7 January 2021

12-Year-Old Missing Girl Survives Slaughter By Yahoo Boys In Delta (Graphic)


Missing 12-year-old girl found alive with her throat slit after 5 days inside soakaway in Delta (photos)

12-year-old Blessing Ineh, who reportedly went missing in Abraka, Ethiope East Local Government Area of Delta, has been found alive inside a soakaway.

It was gathered, that the young girl was last seen on New Year Day after she was sent on an errand by her parents.

She was found inside a soakaway located behind her family house on Tuesday, January 5, after a child heard her whimpering and raised an alarm.

According to reports by popular Warri online news portal, Warri Aproko, the young girl was abducted by three men, allegedly stabbed on the back and her throat slit before she was dumped in the soakaway.

Her body was found covered in white chalk which seems to suggest that it was a case of attempted ritual murder by suspected internet fraudsters. 

The victim is currently receiving treatment in an undisclosed hospital.

Meanwhile, it was further learnt that Blessing revealed that her neighbour identified simply as “General” was one of the men behind the dastardly act.

According to the victim, General was the one who lured and whisked her away in a car. After they were done, the men dumped her inside the soakaway to die.

The suspect is said to have disappeared from the compound since the day the girl went missing.


Them don see One 12-year-old Blessing Ineh wey dem declare missing some days ago for Abraka, Ethiope East Local Government Area of Delta.

Na inside one abandoned soakaway wey dey back of her family house them see her on Tuesday.

Warri Aproko hear say na three young men dump Blessing inside the soakaway after them rape and stab her for back and them also slit her throat.

Na on the 1st of January, 2020 when her parents Send her to go buy mosquito coil them see her last.

We also gather say na one small pikin raise alert wey lead to her rescue after she hear blessing cry for inside the soakaway. 

The people wey abduct Blessing also rub native chalk all over her body and this action make many people believe say na case of ritual and no be just kidnap as them talk say those involved fit be upcoming gboys.

As we dey talk now, Blessing dey receive treatment for an undisclosed hospital.

As we dey package this report now, news just enter our studio say police Don arrest one of the culprits wey them identify as General.

Our source say the little girl mention the guy name as one of the three youngmen wey abduct her and the guy na one of blessing neighbors.

One of our sources talk say on the day of the kidnap, na General call Blessing and lure her before them whisked her away with one motor before them con later dump her inside the soakaway to die when them don through with watin them Wan use her do.

“Since the day of her kidnap, General move comot for the area but only God know watin carry am come back wey hand take touch am so. The mother of the girl say she don even dey suspect General before the see blessing and she con confess say na General and his friends kidnap her.

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