Saturday 2 January 2021

2021 prophecies: God showed me number two’ll become number one without coup, election in Nigeria – Apostle Ebonyi


The Senior Pastor of Faith on the Rock Ministry International, Apostle Theophilus Ebonyi, has called on Nigerians to pray for President Muhammadu Buhari.

Apostle Ebonyi in his prophecies for 2021, predicted a change in Nigerian government without a coup or election.

He disclosed that God revealed to him that the number two man will become the number one in Nigerian government.

Addressing journalists in Nasarawa, on Saturday, the clergyman said Nigerians should pray for Buhari’s government to over come demonic agenda against the country.

He said: “2021 is the year of the Lord where God himself will be humbling some demonic powers, forces and satanic agenda bedeviling the Nation. 

“God revealed to me in the place of prayer his blessings and intervention in the affairs of the Nigeria that government will witness a shift that is going to give ground to the number two citizen to become number one so saith the Lord.

“We have to pray for the government and Nigerians, God loves this Nation, but the kingdom of darkness has come out fully against it, if we call on God genuinely he will still deliver us as in the case of Israelites in Egypt.”

The clergyman also said the COVID-19 virus would continue for another six months.

He claimed that government is not ready to end the pandemic, hence it would continue.

Apostle Ebonyi, however, assured that life will be more meaningful in 2021 without food for the citizens.

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