Friday, 22 January 2021

Akin Abayomi Inspects 54gene's Genome Sequencing Laboratory In Lagos


Yesterday, Commissioner for Health @ProfAkinAbayomi inspected @weare54gene's new human genome sequencing laboratory capable of human whole genome sequencing

The lab is host to a suite of world-class molecular genomics capabilities, including the Illumina Novaseq 6000 and NextSeq 550Dx. The lab which is now operational is part of @weare54gene’s mission to enable Africans to conduct genomics research.

Speaking after a tour of the lab, the Commissioner for Health @ProfAkinAbayomi who was visibly impressed by the facilities put together by @weare54gene said @followlasg is very keen to be part of the innovation sequence of event.


@ProfAkinAbayomi noted that @followlasg will work with @weare54gene on key governance and data structure to protect data collected at the centre against theft and exploitation stressing that the concept of access, benefit and compliance need to be strictly ensured. 

@ProfAkinAbayomi was later presented with an award by the CEO @weare54gene @AbasiEneobong in appreciation of Visionary Leadership in promoting and protecting the health of Lagosians and leveraging molecular technology to improve health outcomes.

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