Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Armed Forces Remembrance Day: Retired Veterans Protesting In Abuja

 Retired Military Veterans are protesting in Abuja according to Channels TV Twitter handle.

Ahead of the Armed forces Remembrance day, retired veterans that have served the Nigerian Arm forces are protesting in Abuja over their pension arrears.

The ex sevice men are appealing to the federal government to approve the payment of minimum wage arrears accuring to them between 2019 till date.

They are demanding the inclusion of officers who fought during the civil war on the military pension scheme.

A representative of the retired soldiers Anthony Agbas who dilivered a letter to officials at the ministry of finance told Channels TV that they have fought for the country and deserve payment of their entitlement such as the debarment allowances that have been approved since 2015, and not all veterans who retired by then 

were not paid.

The federal government should look into this and comply because this will discourage those that are still serving and it is not a good way to reward retired veterans after their years of serving their father land

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