Thursday, 14 January 2021

Biggest Tomatoes Market In Kaduna, Nigeria: Basket Of Tomatoes Sold For ₦2500

 Tomatoes farming and trading is a very big business, due to the fact that almost everybody eats the vegetable. In Nigeria, tomato farming is majorly done in the northern part of the country so tomatoes and other farm produce are cheap up north. I visited one of the biggest tomatoes market located at (Central market kaduna ) to know the current price of tomatoes.

You can get a basket of tomatoes now for #2500 now. We spoke to a trader he said the price of the good normally changes but, it's cheaper now. He added that you can get the bigger basket for # 3500.


The trader added that most of the traders in the market are farmers to, if they can get support to boost the business, the price of food stuff will be cheaper.  

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