Saturday 2 January 2021

Don Davis speaks up – Mentions names of students who assaulted him


Don Davis, the boy who was allegedly assaulted by some students of the Deeper Life High school in Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom, has given out names.

Davis who spoke in the live video executed by her mother a few moments ago, looks healthier than how he was when he returned from the school weeks ago. According to Davis who confirmed that, he is now 11 year of age, two students (seniors) sexually abused him continuously while he was in the boarding school.

Davids who affirmed that, he is always turned back by one Mr Akpan from where they used to have their meal, says that, Akpan would either send him to go and bring something after which no food would be left for him to eat, or asked by Akpan to go back from the place without food and without any reason.

 Davis gave the names of the two SS1 students who always molested him sexually to be: SHALOM and OLA.

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According to his explanation, after the school moved him from JSS1 hostel to that of SS1 just because he pees on the bed, the two students started abusing him every night when everyone, including the hostel master are far asleep.

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