Sunday 17 January 2021

Nigerians blast lady who said Kenya is better than Nigeria


Nigerians on Twitter have been taking a swipe at a Nigerian lady who arrived in Kenya and said the country is better than Nigeria.

Taking to her page on the platform, the lady posted some photos of some facilities in the east African country and labelled her own country as Hell Lite.

It didn’t take long for her post to go viral and Nigerians in their response bashed her for downgrading the country.

In a surprise turn of event some Kenyans on the platform also rejected her assertion, with many saying they would wish to have what half of what Nigerians get in their country.

See some reactions: 

Nigerians just love to talk down their countries. We have our challenges. But even Kenyans are disagreeing with this. We are a country with a top seven world population index. Comparing to a much smaller nation is wrong. Millions of Nigerians live better than most Kenyans.

*** Another wasted one. This sperm that made a mistake oooo. Gawd!

*** Not Nigerians trying to defend rubbish here when we are literally seeing the truth. Don’t take it personal, insults like this aren’t directed to the citizens but to the leaders and seeing us defend ourselves here for ego sake really contradicts what we are fighting for.

*** The way you guys are Castigating Nigeria is unfair and destruction instead of praying and acticipating positively for a better Nigeria.. You think Nigeria is hell Then come to Congo or Uganda or stay with black South Africans there u would know that Nigeria is like Heaven

*** Shaa! How bad is Nigeria? Reminds me of how in Uni guys used to say, ‘Nigerians are loud because most of the time in their country they use generators because of unstable power — always in constant shouting. ‘

*** It seems all what I have to do to become popular is to take a picture in the snow or in an airport and just say some ridiculous things about Nigeria. I do not think I would ever be able to comprehend why anyone would denigrate his/her country because of Kenya..Such low standards!

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