Thursday 14 January 2021

"The Only Thing You Didn't Borrow Is Your Beard" - Lady Drags Man


Omoge Dora Drags Damilola Kawojue

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When the only thing real about you that you didn't borrow is your beards. Babanla Big for Nothing! 1Sam. 16:7

Please friends I have only one request to make that you help me drag him so that I can recover my money from him. I have been advised that this is the only sure way I cant get my money back. His phone number is 0802...

The person whose picture appears here is Damilola Kawojue, well I am not his first victim as this is confirmed to be his modus operandi. He is a sycophant. He lives off Men and Women alike. Most especially women. So he comes to you playing emotional cards of being a jilted lover and the one whose mother died at age 16 and on his birthday too. Also coupled with he feels used by family members and he is exhausted.

But of course these are lies and only means of gaining passage into your life. Well he actually lost his mum (God rest her soul) and the jilted lover (the one that made it to be worth a mention) was only few months relationship but he will tell you he dated the lady for seven years, no one can be with Dammy for seven months, not to talk of years. The same inconsistencies is what made the lady walk. 

He talks big, throws big names around and oh I have never been with someone as intentional in his conversations as Dammy. He carefully selects his words but of course with time you will soon discover that those are empty words that holds no meaning to him. He only said those things to make you feel good while you give him more money either for food or drinks or even transport as he is always broke and in your mindseye you will think and even thank God that you finally found The One.

Damilola is always needing urgent 5k. Taxi to meet an Audio client because he does not do public buses, money to buy water, because he does not drink pure water, money for data, money for food because he hasnt eaten all day and the night before, money to even sleep in an hotel.  
He has a shitty character, no one will like to house Damilola twice, his one visit into your home as a staying guest leaves so much to be desired. Most importantly you have to become really hostile towards him before he leaves, he does not have sense or grace to read the handwriting. You would have to spell it out to him.

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