Thursday, 7 January 2021

Trump: Nigerians Hail Goodluck Jonathan


Following the drama rocking the US - presidential election, results, Donald Trump's loss and not accepting defeat - Nigerians are hailing ex President, Goodluck Jonathan, for accepting defeat without causing unnecessary drama.

Journalist, Fisayo Soyombo wrote:

For all of Goodluck Jonathan's imperfections, many of which I wrote about in the past, he is a far worthier statesman than Donald Trump.

Trump needs specific post-election presidential carriage lessons that Jonathan can teach.

Most of you said Goodluck Jonathan conceding & congratulating Buhari on the phone, was nothing extraordinary.

Well, a 231-year-old democracy couldn’t do what Jonathan did. Nigeria democracy was only 16 years in 2015. At least this 4th Republic. I’ll leave you to your conscience.

Editi EffiĆ²ng wrote:
If we are fair, the last time this could have happened, Goodluck Jonathan quietly left, in spite of what his supporters and aides (e.g. Orubebe) did.

That moment must never be minimised. He saved Nigeria from great darkness.

Trump trying to remain in White House as America president shows why we should keep celebrate Dr Goodluck Jonathan. 

He left Aso rock in peace so there won’t be bloodshed and also to protect Nigeria democracy.

The #EndSARS spirit lives on. Bigi Apple to all change agents!!

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