Thursday, 11 February 2021

1 Dies, 3 Faint As Ebonyi State University Commences GST Examinations (Pics)


The worst of it's kind....

Today in EBSU is supposed to be a joyful day for the students, where after the GST exams you would see so many students gathering in their numbers and of different groups sharing their different experiences in the examination hall. One would happily ask the other "what was your answer in number 4 question"? The other will joyfully say I chosed A, and I am sure that's the correct answer, if you doubt me, come and see for yourself in the GST textbook". And they will argue and go home happily.....

Today revise became the case where no student could remember he/she had come to school with a friend, because of the ugly incident that took place today at perm site on the account of partaking in the GST examination. Where so many students lost consciousness and later this evening news has that a soul was lost.

And my question is.... 

How did we get here?

Does it mean that education is no longer the key and no longer need any attention?

Does it mean that our management no longer care about the students or are they just incompetent and incapacitated?

Why must we lost a life in this process?

What is actually the problem and what is it that needs to be done to put things aright?

These questions and many others calls for urgent attention. And we the students of Ebonyi state university (EBSU) hereby call on the government of Ebonyi state, EBSU management,EBSU governing council, EBSU Student Union government and other relevant authorities as a matter of urgency to investigate all that happened today and take appropriate measures to prevent future occurrence. No life is worth losing at the cost of GST examination.

#Every life and wellbeing of EBSU students matters.

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