Friday, 12 February 2021

2021 Men’s Conference Unexpectedly Starts Earlier Than Before


Men’s imaginary February meet up dubbed “The Men’s Conference” has taken a hilarious turn on social media in preparation for the fateful day.

The day was created by men who had had enough with gifting women on Valentines Day.

So the idea is to dissappear on the 14th to the 15th of February annually in pretense that men had been attending the conference.

Like every year, Men’s Conference has started topping Twitter trends and chats as men share hilarious memes and videos about the event.

What’s different about this year, however, is how early the even started.

Men are already if full force with event planning, something that is usually done a day before the fateful day. 

We have compiled a few tweets shared by Africans concerning the Men’s Conference which seems to have already started for most men on the internet.

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