Monday, 1 February 2021

APC’s Membership Reregistration: Tinubu’s Presidential Ambition May Hit The Rock


Why Tinubu’s alleged presidential ambition may hit the rock with APC’s membership re-registration

The All Progressives Party recently embarked upon a re-registration of its members. The exercise it says is to bring it’s membership records up to date.

Just this Saturday, President Buhari himself became the first man to do his re-validation of his membership of the party. Interestingly, the exercise is scheduled to officially begin on the 2nd of February.

But as we know there are usually many undertones and secret agendas when things like that are announced and in this scenerio, one person that may likely lose out is the National Leader of the party, Bola Ahmed Tinubu the former two term governor of Lagos State.

One of thee realities of this exercise is the fact that many things are going to be re-arranged politically. 

Already as we know, the race towards 2023 has already begun,albeit secretly and in the back ground.

And one major issue that has come to the core is the issue of who will succeed President Buhari.

Even within it’s fold as a party,the northern elements have already been voicing out that they are not ready to let a Southerner take it up much more Tinubu even though Tinubu’s camp says there was a gentleman’s agreement between Tinubu and Buhari back then to support each other one after the other to ascend the throne.

It will not be a surprise that this re-registration process will be a way many of Tinubu’s loyalists will be displaced and eventually his presidential Ambition punctured even before it sees the light if day.

Despite all he has done for the party, Tinubu May be at the losing end with the re-registration that has just commenced.


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