Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Bayo Adeyinka hails jobseeker for displaying amazing level of integrity


Career coach, Bayo Adeyinka, has hailed a job seeker for his amazing level of integrity after he reached out to a benefactor to refund money given to him to prepare for an interview.

The young man, Adeshina Samson Oyekanmi had reached out to the career coach to ask for assistance as he had a job interview coming up.

Ahead of the interview, the job seeker was informed that the job was only open to BSc holders and he was not qualified since he is an HND holder.

Rather than hold on to the money, he reached out to his benefactor, asking for his account number so he can return the money.

Bayo, moved by the man’s actions, took to Twitter to praise him. He wrote; 

There Are Honest Nigerians- I Found One Today

Yesterday, he inboxed me that he had an interview and needed some assistance. I asked a few questions and sent a token to him. It was just enough to take him from Ilorin to Ibadan.

This morning, I got a message from him that he confirmed and that only BSc holders could attend the interview. He has HND. What shocked me to my marrows was when he requested for account details for him to refund the money since he wasn’t attending the interview again.

You bet! I told him to keep the money. He didn’t have to come back to refund the money. There was no way I would have found out if he attended the interview or not.
Integrity is what you do even if you knew you would not be caught. Anyone who is faithful in little things will be faithful in much. How you handle the small stuff shows how you’ll handle bigger ones.

I’m so proud of Adeshina Samson Oyekanmi who though finished NYSC in 2019 and is unemployed but yet displayed uncommon integrity. With people like him, there is hope for our country.

Samson graduated with Upper Credit in Computer Engineering Technology from the Federal Polytechnic Offa in 2018.

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