Thursday, 25 February 2021

Nkechi Blessing Sunday Replies Bobrisky: 'Bleaching Has Turned You To A Pig'


Tattoo Fight Saga: Actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday has fired back at Bobrisky after the cross dresser called her out and accused her of sleeping around.

Replying Bobrisky via her Instagram story, Nkechi Blessing said:

"Person wey bleaching cream don turn skin to pig wants my reply..Bobrisky yoh must be really stupid.. na people wey never stay close to you side by side Dey foo for you..You stink BRO!!! Get a skin surgery ASAP!! You must be mad BROM"

"My dear my Gist no Dey your hand 000...Las las you by urself go use your mouth tell dem say you don Dey fight me since last year because of Man ee as in the thing over shock me...Make man Dey fight me cus of Man..l don try avoid you but you no gree since 2019 well maybe now is the time!!!"

"If e sure for you mention the man name wey make you Dey find fight since 2019 make we kuku scatter d Full table make d man wife know say him Dey Bleep your dirty Asshole wey maggots don Dey come out from...Stinking Dick head!!!" 

"You want talk pass Bleep? Untop d same Bleep me and you Dey fucker ¢% the diff is my Pussy is sweeter and Tighter than your loosed ASSHOLE!!!" 

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