Saturday, 13 February 2021

The Day Two South-East Governors Shouted At Each Other


So much has been said about the alleged delay of Southeast governors to set up a regional security outfit to contain rising insecurity in the zone. Critics say they created the vacuum that enabled the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) to establish its security outfit called the Eastern Security Network (ESN), thus creating unnecessary tension and loss of lives.

They also claim governors were unable to do what their counterparts in the Southwest have done because of personal or political interests.

What such critics don’t know is that the delay may have been because of personal disagreements more than suspected external pressure on them. Sentry learnt, for instance, that at one recent meeting in Enugu, two governors sharply disagreed over the type of security outfit that would be good for the zone. 

Sources say one of them was so upset with the idea the other advanced that he confronted him personally as the two made to leave the venue of the meeting.

The other governor, also angry at his colleague’s expressed views, did not hide his feelings.

As our source puts it, “it was a bitter encounter. Their Excellences exchanged very hot words before they left. I cannot tell you what they said to each other, but it amounted to shouting at one another. It was all about their different views on the type of regional security outfit that would serve our area better. While one wanted something novel, the other said what he had in his state was working and should be adopted by all in the region.”

But now that General Obi Umahi (retd), leader of the Southeast Security Committee, has said all is set to flag-off the much-awaited regional security outfit, it remains to be seen if the governors have fully resolved their differences.

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