Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Disclaimer: Re - North Dominates Nigerian Army Recruitment

 The Nigerian Army have reacted to an earlier publication from a news outlet which purportedly revealed the North's dominance in the recently released Recruitment list for Short Service Combatant Course 47/2021.

A breakdown of the list by the news outlet reveals that the South-East has only 42 selected candidates with 7 reserves averaging 13% compared to the North Central zone which has 58 candidates with an additional 13 reserves making a total of 71 candidates (20%).

The South-West and South-South geopolitical zones have slightly higher numbers of candidates than the South-East but lower than any of the Northern zones.

South-West and South-South zones have 16% each on the list with 48 candidates selected from each zone and 10 reserves each.

Candidates from North-East zone totalled 61 with 49 selected and 12 reserves (17%), the North-West has a total of 64 candidates (18%), 55 selected candidates and 9 reserves.



The attention of the Directorate of Army Public Relations has been drawn to an ill-informed publication of the referenced story on 29 March, 2021 by an online newspaper, Global Sentinel via its website.

The publication alleged that the list of successful candidates for Short Service Commission 47 Selection Board which was published on 26 Mar 21 was dominated by the North while the South East had the fewest candidates. It is pertinent to state that the Nigerian Army strictly complies with the Federal Character policy.

Accordingly, an equal number of 8 candidates were selected from each state of the federation except in rare instances where a state did not have the required number of eligible candidates to fill its 8 vacancies. In such instance, the vacancy will be filled by a contiguous state from the same Geopolitical Zone.

Following this number allocated per state, the South East which is made up of 5 States was entitled to 40 candidates. However, 2 extra vacancies were allocated to the geopolitical zone thereby making a total 42 candidates instead of 40. North Central for instance has 7 states (FCT inclusive). Taking 8 candidates from each state in geopolitical zone gives a total of 56 in addition to 2 extra vacancies as was also allocated to the South East gave the total of 58 candidates.

It is therefore quite uncharitable and blatantly divisive for any media organisation to whip up sentiments from such a straight forward exercise conducted by the Nigerian Army in the best interest of the Nation. The General public including media practitioners are encouraged to always seek clarification from Army Headquarters whenever in doubt on any issue rather than rushing to publish reports that would be defamatory to the image of the Nigerian Army and injurious to Nigeria’s unity.

Thank you.

Mohammed Yerima
Brigadier General
Director Army Public Relations
31 March, 2021


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