Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Do I remove This Baby?


I have an issue bugging me and I need some serious advise because I have been very indecisive so far.

There is a lady I'm seeing. She came to my place a few weeks ago and we had sex, first with condoms and later without condoms.

However, I gave her some money to get postinor when she left for her place the next morning.

That morning, I asked if she got the drug when she called to say she had arrived home and she said "yes".

I called her again that evening to ask if she had taken it and she said "yes". 

A few weeks later, she called to say she is pregnant.

As I later found out, at least according to what she said, she took the drug the next day after arriving at her home and not on that day she told me she took it. She gave some flimsy excuse as to why she did it but it does not matter anymore at this point.

At this moment, we are considering removing the baby.

While I have been very indecisive, she has agreed to go with whatever decision I take and has spoken to a doctor who will do it this Friday.

However, I am unsure as of this moment if I want to go on with this because even though I am done with uni, I do not think I have gotten to that point where I can shoulder more responsibilities.

I am self employed and somewhat financially okay but not in a way that I can take care of three people, particularly a baby. I was okay as of 2019 until COVID came and turned my life upside down last year.

And believe me, I was really glad I was not married as of last year because I went through hell. Serious hell. The lockdown finished me.

I am slowly recovering (very slowly) and still trying to figure my way out through life and rebuilding what I lost but I am afraid that having the burden of a woman and baby at this point may derail me.

And I really do not know who to turn to when I am unable to provide for the both of them.

What do you guys think? Do I go on with this or just let the baby be?

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