Wednesday, 10 March 2021

How To Prepare Prawn Soup (opuru Fulou)


Prawn soup(opuru fulou) is a popular ijaw delicacy in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

This soup can be prepared with either ogbono or Banga or both(like in this case).

Ingredients used by me include;
1. Fresh prawns (lobster)

2. Fresh catfish

3. Snail

4. Oysters (water snail)

5. Picked perewinkle (isam)

6. Banga

7. Ogbono

8. Banga spices 

9. Banga soup stick

10. Bitter leaf

11. Sieved Water from The mashed prawn head(this is the secret ingredient of this particular soup).

How To Prepare

Use your Banga soup pattern.

This and more are the reason why we are called Ijaw people and Niger Deltans

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