Sunday, 21 March 2021

‘I’ll Return As A Man,’ - Woman, Dorothy Edet Who Attempted Suicide On Her Birthday


A woman in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, who tried to commit suicide on her birthday, said she would “return as a man” in her next life.

The woman, Dorothy Edet, was found unconscious in her apartment in Uyo on Sunday morning after taking some poisonous substances, apparently, according to multiple posts on Facebook from people familiar with the incident.

Rescuers, prompted by her suicide note which she posted on Facebook, broke her door, rushed her to the hospital where she was revived.

Her sister confirmed to PREMIUM TIMES, Sunday morning, that Ms Edet was “fine.”

Friends and sympathisers have taken to Facebook to mobilise support, including financial support, for the woman, who appeared to have been battling depression before the suicide attempt.

Ms Edet has been a volunteer on sexual assault, according to her Facebook page. “I am a leader that is empathetic, compassionate, understanding, selfless and open-minded,” she said of herself, on the social media site.

Her suicide note, written in the form of a poem, revealed the turbulent she has been going through.

“ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!” She wrote.

Sweet, sweet, suicide.

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