Monday, 15 March 2021

Lessons I Learnt In Dubai As A Nigerian (Video)


Having been in Dubai for 6 years, there are several hard knock lessons and funny knowledge i have acquired in this country that I feel Nigerians should know before planning to visit to the "Arab" country- especially those who are looking to emigrate and settle down.

Firstly laws are king here. Irrespective of the gravity of the offence, no matter how little or big, if you flout the law, you will pay the fine or do the time. For instance, while walking in the street, I have to use my mask else I risk paying a fine of 3000 dirhams. Omo it's money over here esp for some of us that didn't come the Hushpuppi way. Convert it to Naira - over not wearing masks or not wearing it properly

2) Dubai can be very very hot in the summer( around February to October). I would have used the "f" word if it's allowed here. Like such regions, in the winter it's as cold as the "North Pole". In places like fujaira, snow fall during the winter.

3) People smoke like a chimney here. As a matter of fact, there are no official places whete you can't smoke. On the road, in the garden, blow your cigar away. But if you aren't comfortable, you can easily tell the smoker near you, or take my advice. Just walk away.

5) My brewery brothers you can now drink alcohol! Unlike before when drinking alcohol attracts a possible jail term, now the restriction have been removed and you will see people casually drinking canned alcoholic drinks in the streets. 

6) Friday is Sunday here; Here, people rests on Fridays and go to work from Sundays - Thursdays, and some people go to work on Saturdays too. But, generally everybody is free on Friday, the Muslims go to Mosque, and the Christians church.. yea, there are Christians in Dubai, you will even find churches like Redeem around.

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