Tuesday, 23 March 2021

“My faith in God is too strong” – Cardi B reacts after getting criticised for thanking God (Video)


American rapper and songwriter, Cardi B has spoken about her faith in God after she was heavily criticized for thanking God.

A video of the the WAP crooner thanking God for his blessings and mercies surfaced on the internet, and social media critics slammed and trolled her over the video.

A man who is apparently a non-fan, reposted the video and criticized Cardi for thanking God, but promoting and engaging in acts that God does not approve.

In reaction the 28-year-old songwriter, took to Twitter to speak about her strong faith in God. According to Cardi B, she prays to God with passion and has complete trust in him, regardless of what people think.

”I can’t even thank God anymore.. I be getting hate for no reason every single damn day. 

No funny ish I know ya think I’m crazy and I know I’m ghetto ass hell but I pray maa hard .My faith in God is too strong .When I feel tried I don’t know if Is the devil playing tricks or God testing my faith but I show I don’t switch sides.I pray with a passion to my Lord”.

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