Sunday, 14 March 2021

Photos: Armed Robbers Attacks Fuel Station, Sells Fuel To Customers For 3 Hours In Zimbabwe


The incident happened in far away Zimbabwe in Africa. The robbers reportedly stormed a fuel station with their usual intent to rob them of their money and valuables.

However, what they met was not what they bargained for when drawing the master plan of the robbery.

The fuel station reportedly had small cash than they anticipated. In other not to go back home with a deficit budget, they had to improvise by selling the fuel in the filling station to unsuspecting motorists who thought they were legit petrol attendance or staff of the fuel station.

According to reports, the operation lasted for about 3 hours before they left. The total amount of money carted away is yet to be officially known, but it is estimated to be around 15 thousand dollars in total.

No life was lost but many got injured during the operation,there are many comments and reactions coming from social media, some are of the opinion that the robbers should sold the furl to motorist for free while some in their own views condenmed the attack.

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