Thursday, 4 March 2021

Student's Noodles She Was Cooking In Her Hostel Stolen From The Burner (Photo)



A student who was cooking noodles was greeted with a shocker when she went into her room briefly and returned to find her food gone, NaijaCover Reports.

From The Information Gathered By NaijaCover, The student who stays in the school's hostel explained that she decided to cook outside her room because of the heat.

While cooking, she went into her room to return the oil and pepper but when she came back, someone had scooped her hot noodles from the pot, leaving an almost empty pot on the burner.

Sharing a photo of what was left in the pot, she tweeted:
 So for the first time in my two years in this hostel, I said I should cook outside my room cause of heat. I entered the room to just return d pepper and oil and before I came back, my noodles is gone... Buhari is actually not our problem in this country. We’d see in d morning.

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