Monday, 29 March 2021

The 3.29% Turnout At The Aba North/south Bye-election Is Worrisome


In the Just-concluded Aba North and Aba South Federal Constituency Bye-election, out of the registered 496,628 number of voters in the Constituency, only 16,335 were accredited, constituting only 3.29% turnout of the whole number of registered voters in the Constituency.

With this, it just means that, even if the voters turnout is just 0.003% (or something like 35 people out of 759,456 registered voters), INEC will still declare their results like that.

It is really worrisome.

What was the reason for the Low Voters Turnout?

Was it Voter-apathy?
Or were they Boycotting as usual?

(This is a very bitter message to Boycotters.
No matter the boycotting, even if One Single Person Came out to vote, his vote will count, and whoever he voted for would win).

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