Wednesday, 31 March 2021

What Does A Man Stand To Gain In Marriage

 If you say s3x : currently s3x is the cheapest commodity you can buy now as low as N500 to N1000

If you say a child : how can a woman have sex with a man give birth , and she seats back waiting for the man to bring money for feeding, clothing , house bills . Which is called financial slavery

If you say been responsible : how can only a man be responsible for the children, and a woman who is a grown up adult . When both of them are supposed to be responsible for there family expenses.

Have you noticed when a man takes up all the financial responsibility of his home till the kids grow they only buy gift and cars for their mom.

Have you also noticed when a woman bear financial cost for raising her child , she will spoil there minds towards their father and make them see him as evil .

Have you ever seen a single mother that speaks good of his baby dady ? We need to use our head here .think very well men

So , exactly what does a man stand to gain in marriage ?

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