Thursday 4 March 2021

World's First Foldable MicroLED TV Unveiled With A $400,000 Price Tag (Video)


'M1' is the creation of Austrian consumer tech company C SEED Entertainment; at the touch of a button it rises from the ground and unfolds to a 165-inch screen. It costs a whopping $400,000 - but this is minus installation costs for its owners

A consumer electronics firm has unveiled a 165-inch screen TV that folds up and disappears into the floor when it's not in use.

At the touch of a button, a sculpture-like column rises silently from the floor and unfolds to reveal the enormous 4k MicroLED display, held by an aluminium base.

The display is made up of five separate MicroLED panels that when locked into place look like one uniform display with invisible seams.

Manufacturers say MicroLEDs are brighter than OLEDs and offer the same benefits of high contrast and deep blacks, without burn-in.

The luxury object, called M1, is the creation of C SEED Entertainment, which has offices in Vienna, Austria and California.

M1 retails for $400,000 (around £290,000) but its hefty price tag doesn't include installation, which would require enough space to hide it underground.

'At the push of a button, the floor opens and within seconds, a sleek column of machined aluminium rises silently from the ground,' the firm says on its website.

The 165-inch screen 'settles down smoothly' to provide users 'with an overwhelming entertainment experience'.

'Understatement is the art of impressing without visible effort. C SEED M1 is the essence of elegance.'

Vienna-based C SEED say M1 is set to be delivered to customers from the third quarter of this year.

C SEED claims to be pioneering the next step in home viewing, marking an evolution from TVs mounted on the walls.

'In these environments, big wall-mounted TV screens are an anachronism in modern interior design,' said Alexander Swatek, managing partner at C SEED.

'Therefore, C SEED took a totally different path and came up with a revolutionary design.'

M1 is available in different colours including gold, black and titanium and 'a choice of casings to match all tastes, space requirements and settings'.

'The M1 provides unique entertainment in brilliant quality without compromising the character of a room – the one ideal solution for integrating large TV systems into spacious contemporary interior design' said Swatek.

Micro LED displays rely on millions of tiny self-emissive modules, which give off red, green, and blue light to combine for stunningly sharp colours.

Some of the top tech companies like Apple and Samsung expect MicroLED displays to replace today's top OLED screens.

MicroLED would fix the burn in issue common to OLED displays, which occurs if a static image is left on screen for too long.

However, MicroLED isn't currently capable of bending like OLED TV screens, like LG's OLED 65-inch TV that has an 8K screen that rolls up into its base.

C SEED therefore constructed five MicroLED panels that fold up into a column, but when joined together look like one screen.

'Far beyond the capabilities of LCD and OLED, the latest 4K MicroLED technology creates amazingly vibrant colours and a truly stunning resolution,' the firm says.

'The all-important black is deep and accurate like never before because of a special screen surface treatment.'


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