Wednesday, 28 April 2021

9JA DOWN - Remi Tinubu Can Never Be First Lady Of Nigeria - Nigerians Tackle Tinubu's Wife

 Insecurity: Nigerians Tackle Senator Remi Tinubu For Tackling Senator Smart Adeyemi; Say She Will Never Be The First Lady Of Nigeria

Angry Nigerian social media users have slammed Tinubu's wife, Senator Oluremi Tinubu for tackling Senator Smart Adeyemi who boldly 'scattered' the National Assembly with his emotional speech.

For trying to shut Senator Smart Adeyemi's mouth, some Nigerians have blasted Remi Tinubu, saying that she 'can never be the first lady of Nigeria'.

Here are some comments slamming the ex Lagos State First Lady:

Ayemojubar @ayemojubar said: "Remi Tinubu will never be a first lady in Nigeria." 

Unu Amaro Kam Siri Kwado
@AfamDeluxo wrote
: "Imagine if Remi Tinubu becomes first lady, omo, some of us will be chased away from planet earth. A tall horrible woman. A bigot. A cretin. Same woman that bashed Ndiigbo during the last election."

IFA FUNSHO @funshographix wrote:
"Remi Tinubu is not preparing to be first lady. She just don't have sense. The name Nigeria will not even exist before 2023. Smart Adeyemi is already linking the information of everyone should go their separate ways.

Nigeria will divide before 2023."
theonly1acre @theonly1acre wrote:
"Are you a Wolf in Sheep clothing??”

Remi Tinubu wants to be First Lady at the expense of the Drop of blood of innocent Nigerians.

May that dream never come true."

Mayowa olagunju ❁ 

Imagine putting your own interest above that of 200m Nigerians so much that anyone who dares say the truth is “PDP” and “wolf in sheep clothing” to you. And you want to become first lady

What do you think about Remi Tinubu Vs Smart Adeyemi Saga?

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