Sunday 4 April 2021

BBNaija Lucy warns Ka3na for wishing her a happy birthday


BBNaija Lucy has raised eyebrows on social media after she warned her former bestie Ka3na for wishing her a happy birthday.

Recall that Ka3na once hinted on social media that her friendship with Lucy was over, after she revealed that she unfollowed Lucy on Instagram because she wasn’t a loyal friend.

Today being Lucy’s birthday, Ka3na took to Lucy’s Instagram page to wish her a happy birthday. On seeing Ka3na’s comment on her page, Lucy immediately warned the boss lady to stop playing with her feelings.

Ka3na commented; “Happy birthday to a special woman. You look beautiful Lucy” 

Apparently, Lucy wasn’t ready for Ka3na’s sudden kindness and compliment, as she warns her not to toy with her feelings.

Lucy wrote; “Don’t toy with my feelings. Pls don’t. Thanks and God bless.”

See the conversation below.

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