Sunday 4 April 2021

Bella Shmurda Rants On Twitter, Addresses Religion and Nigerian Pastors


Fast-rising artiste, Bella Shmurda has flooded his Twitter page with a series of bizarre rants.

The Rush crooner found himself trending on Easter Sunday after pouring out pretty much everything and anything on his page. In a series of tweets, the entertainer slammed pastors who he accused of accepting foreign religion while using black power for miracles. He also wrote about the whites who acknowledged that stealing was a sin yet they came to Africa to steal the lands and other resources from the African people.

Bella Shmurda also hinted at the ostentatious lifestyles Some Christian leaders are living in Nigeria.  He made reference to how Nigerian Parents cannot afford to send their children to schools built by the church.

He polished off his tweet by asking why Africans fail to celebrate their religion but can happily celebrate Easter Sunday which he referred to as a foreign religion.

Read his Tweets below. 

As Expected, Nigerians had to voice their opinions on some of the points Bella Shmurda made. They also used the popular microblogging site to express their individual thoughts.

Read some of the comments below:


              “No lies detected ?”

            “You guys have no idea what Christ paid for on the cross and also because you don’t know the power of salvation that’s the reason you can vituperate this gibberish”
          “I think it’s simple enough, worry about your urge, believe in what you think is right for you, and let the world worry about itself”

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