Sunday, 4 April 2021

Drama as Lady calls out her friend for stealing her birthday cake and wine


There’s currently an ongoing drama on Twitter, after a lady called out her friend for stealing her cake and wine.

A Nigerian lady with the handle @giivensibekwe on Twitter, called out her friend identified as Reni, for allegedly stealing her cake and wine gifted to her by her friends.

According to the lady, she hosted a party on April 3rd and invited her friend Reni. The next day around 5am, she then went on a delivery. On getting back to the apartment around 11am, she found out that the cake and wine gifted to her was missing.

She then called her friend Reni to ask her about the cake and drinks but claimed Reni denied taking the items.

However, the CCTV footage from the apartment then showed the moment Reni and her friend were moving the cake and drinks out of the apartment. 

Sharing video from the CCTV footage, the heartbroken lady wrote;

“For someone i thought was my friend , this girl @Alleberryy stole from me & lied about it. , she stole my 10 inch cake & bottles of liquor & wine that my friends gifted me. I have addressed her privately but she denied. attached below is cctv evidence”

Few hours before she was called out, Reni tweeted that she just had wine and ouid before coming online.

She tweeted; “I like that I’ve already had wine and ouid before coming to this tl”


Nigerians are currently roasting her on Twitter, as they accused her of stealing her friend’s cake and drinks.


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