Friday, 2 April 2021

Man narrates how mother and baby died because doctors are on strike


A Twitter user has narrated how a pregnant woman and her baby died after the hospital failed to attend to them due to the ongoing strike.

The man who shared the story on Twitter @UgwunnaEjikem, said that the pregnant woman was rushed to the hospital with the baby’s head already out of her vagina.

However, she was turned away because residents doctors were on strike and no doctor was available to perform an emergency operation.

Unfortunately, the woman and her baby was pronounced dead. Recall that residents doctors in Nigeria commerced strike yesterday, April 1, days after the president travelled to the UK for routine medical checkup.

Sharing the story on Twitter, the man wrote;

“A woman was rushed in last night from a TBA with the baby’s head already out her vagina but the body stuck in. 

She was turned away cos resident doctors are on strike, so no one to do an emergency CS by that time. Long story short; both mother & child are now dead.

This one is just for one of the tertiary hospitals in my state o, in one department o, in just one night of striking o.

Haven’t even thought about what’s happening with medical, surgical, endocrinological & other departments.

Anyways I just thought to tell you people, if anyone has a medical, surgical, obstetric or gynaecological emergency atm, they should go to a private hospital esp if it’s at night. Consultants rarely come to hospital at night. Residents man the place & they are on strike.

My thoughts go out to those already affected & those who will be. Cos Nigeria will fail them, just like it failed that woman et her child and unfortunately there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Have a nice day guys.”

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